Stories of giving

We are honored to hear and share the stories of our donors — those whose generosity keep barbershop-style harmony alive for generations to come. Check back often to read about the dedicated spirits who partner with us to enrich lives through singing. Better yet, share your story by contacting us anytime!

A Legacy Worthy of a Legend

Jan and Doug Maddox devoted their lives to singing, inspiring and influencing so many along the way. Always generous donors to HFI, their giving culminated with an estate gift realized with Jan’s passing.

If you were unable to attend the Midwinter Convention in January, you missed out on a vibrant, action packed gathering. You also missed a tribute to one of the most beloved members and performers to ever grace this wonderful craft—Doug Maddox—and his wife Jan.

Harmony Foundation unveiled a tribute video (above) highlighting the Maddoxes’s lifelong devotion to Barbershop Harmony Society, Masters of Harmony and Barbershop style, in general. With the passing of Jan, that commitment culminated in the realization of an estate gift to HFI which leaves a lasting mark on all of us by ensuring their dedication is more than just a memory—it lives forever through the programs impacted by their gift.

HFI staff members can help you explore the methods of gift planning that can allow you to leave a lasting legacy, as well. Contact us today to learn more.

Ensuring Lifelong Singing

George Mammarella made his first gift to Harmony Foundation International at Midwinter 2016. As an Ambassador of Song, he is providing support to ensure others have the chance to experience the impact of song. George is grateful to have his chorus family as a support system and vocal music to enrich his life… [read more]

A Family Decision

Dick Lidstad has devoted much of his life to philanthropy, and wife Peggy partnered with him to make charitable giving a part of their family culture, and HFI has made the list of worthy organizations for this family’s philanthropic support… [read more]