Ensuring Lifelong Singing

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George Mammarella (second from right) supports lifelong singing.
George Mammarella (second from right) performs on stage.

George Mammarella (shown in the photo, second from right) made his first gift to Harmony Foundation International at Midwinter 2016. As an Ambassador of Song, he is providing support to ensure others have the chance to experience lifelong singing. George is grateful to have his chorus family as a support system and vocal music to enrich his life.

George became involved in barbershop about two years prior to his first gift as a way to continue with his beloved hobby of music after college. Now, he sings with 52eighty, Sound of the Rockies and America the Beautiful.

“Barbershop is a great activity. I enjoy singing with my friends and look forward to it every week,” he said.

That enjoyment greatly influenced his decision to give, and George added:

“When my life got a little rough, it was a way to put my energy into some other things, and have friends and a support system to brighten my life.”

George’s charitable support provides funding for critical outreach and education programs. Resources help music educators, choir directors and individual singers advance their skills and maintain school and community programs all over the world to allow the opportunity for lifelong singing.

HFI programs recognizing donors at all levels–President’s Council, Ambassadors of Song and Key Voices–bring people together to support the common mission of enriching lives through singing. If you have ever experienced the joy of singing with others and know the feeling of a perfect chord (or the laughter that can come with one that is imperfect), you can pass that feeling along to others.

Join George as a part of our donor family to support the programs of the Barbershop Harmony Society to ensure lifelong singing all over the world. Make a gift at any level today!