How can you help?

Obviously, Harmony Foundation is dedicated to raising philanthropic support, but there are many ways you can provide support and advocacy for HFI in addition to making a gift.

Help us spread the word!
Perry with FLBTMOT
Perry White, HFI President and CEO (far right) sang a tag with the Friday Lunch Bunch That Meets on Thursday in Minneapolis. Perry visited the chapter shortly after joining the HFI team to meet the group and share information.

We would love to visit your chapter! Give us a call to talk about scheduling an HFI staff member for a chapter meeting or event. It is one of the great joys of our staff to meet barbershoppers, quartets and choruses, see you in action, and share the impact made by the donors to Harmony Foundation. (And, of course, we love to sing with you as well.)

Share the news when you make a gift. You don’t have to share the amount you give, but let your friends know that you support Harmony Foundation. Tell them in person, on social media (tag us, and we’ll share too), by phone…shout it to the rooftops. Gifts of all sizes matter, and if you have friends who value singing in their lives, their donations will help spread that joy.

Build a group effort. Want to make a larger impact in your quartet or chorus’s name? Organize your own crowd-funding effort for HFI. Let us know in advance, and we can help by providing some information and even setting up your own online giving link!

Tell us your story. We love to hear from our donors, whether you’ve given for years or had made your first contribution. Your story can and will inspire others. Why do you sing? Why do you give? Tell us so we can tell others.

Make giving to HFI a part of your everyday life
Amazon Smile logo
The AmazonSmile program allows you to give while you shop.

Shop with a Smile at Amazon. The AmazonSmile program provides the opportunity for customers to designate their favorite nonprofit as the beneficiary of a percentage of their purchase. Make HFI your charity of choice, and give when you shop without even thinking about it.

American Express Members Give. Rack up those Amex points and give your rewards to HFI when you sign up for the Members Give program. Another way to shop toward a cause.

Make your HFI donation a part of your BHS membership renewal. Set a reminder to yourself to check off your HFI gift at the same time you renew membership. If you renew by phone, BHS Customer Service can connect you with a member of the Donor Care Center. If you renew online, click on over to the HFI giving page and make a quick gift securely.


Contact us to find out what volunteer opportunities will fit into your schedule and lifestyle. We need help at conventions and events, and in communities.

Sing. Sing. Sing.