Education results in ripple effects

Educational programs truly embody the mission of Harmony Foundation—to connect people through philanthropy to enrich lives through singing. Barbershop Harmony Society education programs funded by Harmony Foundation bring educators into the Barbershop community, connecting them and their students to our craft forever and reach a broader audience of community singers and directors to create a continuum across generations.

  • In recent years, Harmony University has expanded from a summer program to include online opportunities and courses offered at conventions, as well as comprehensive training and performance opportunities at its hallmark week in Nashville. With some of the best faculty in the U.S. bringing critical content to the attendees, everyone leaves recharged and motivated to share the joy of singing with peers, students and wider communities. In 2016, HFI funding supported more than 150 Harmony University participants at the summer program alone. The demand grows every year, as more singers learn about Harmony University program. Charitable support will allow HarmonyU to grow – both in its offerings and its reach.
  • A brand new Healthy Chapter Initiative provides support to chapters to help them thrive, both as performers but as bedrocks of their communities. With more than 700 chapters nationwide, our members are our greatest potential. The Healthy Chapter Initiative is in its early stages but has already made a significant difference in opening communication between Harmony Hall and individual chapters and addressing chapters’ needs. It will only grow. Charitable support will provide more tools to reach more chapters in a quicker timeframe.