Facebook Fundraisers

Inspire Your Loved Ones

Facebook fundraisers let you raise money for Harmony Foundation directly within Facebook. You can set up a dedicated page to share your story, tell others about why you support our mission and rally around a fundraising goal.

Your Friends Care

Singing has made a positive impact your life. Tell your friends and ask them to join you in making the lives of others better through the power of singing. Facebook fundraisers give you the tools to get the word out through your Facebook feed, Messenger, Live video and email, all in a place yours friends already visit every day.

Easily Inspire Donations

Friends can donate in a few taps without leaving Facebook, making it easier to inspire donations.

Find New Supporters

Each time someone donates they are prompted to share and invite their friends. Shares and re-shares also contain a donate button making it easy to donate right from the News Feed.

Step 1 of 10

From your main Facebook page, locate Fundraisers in the left side column.

Step 2 of 10

Click Raise Money.

Step 3 of 10

Click Get Started. 

Step 4 of 10

Click Nonprofit.

Step 5 of 10

Type Harmony Foundation International in the search field, then select it once it appears. 

Step 6 of 10

Enter your total fundraiser goal and date it will, then click Next. 

Step 7 fo 10

Facebook auto-generates copy in the title and why fields but feel free to change it up and tell your personal story about why singing has changed your life and why you think it’s important to give to programs that support those interested in singing but may not have the means to participate. 

Step 8 of 10

Choose a photo or upload your own to represent your fundraiser. 

Step 9 of 10

Click Create and now your fundraiser is built!

Step 10 of 10

Now is the time to promote your fundraiser. Share it to your wall, send private messages to friends and family, send a broadcast email with a link, maybe post reminders every other day or so to make sure it stays front of mind and those that want to give before time runs out remember to do so.

Thank You for Supporting Harmony Foundation!